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Hot Keywords:  Temperature chain oil, high temperature grease, Mobil Lubricants
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    Dongguan City Chong Fung Lubricant Co., Ltd. is a production of industrial lubricants, grease, petrochemical products, mainly engaged in the project business enterprises, chain oil the Main KANUO gongs brand synthetic high temperature, high temperature grease, industrial lubricants, high quality The mold cleaning agent, a rust inhibitor, a releasing agent (containing food grade) and other products. Concurrently: 5040 Marine cylinder oil temperature chain oil, high temperature grease, Mobil Lubricants, Great Wall, ECCOBONDG-500 epoxy glue, TECHSPRAY2104 three anti-paint, Dongguan silicone rubber, fumed rubber,Silicon grease, high-quality silicon grease, stator oil, textile, oil, SHELL Shell industrial lubricants, greases.

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